Preparing for Your Design Project


Maybe you've been jotting ideas for your new kitchen or bathroom in a journal for the last 10 years and know exactly what you want.

Or maybe you haven't the faintest idea how you'd like your kitchen to look, except to know it simply has to change. We've seen both extremes, and everything in between, and it's all perfectly appropriate.

Whatever your thoughts are about your new space, the time to gather them is in advance of our first meeting. Here, we'll listen to you when you're certain, coach you when you're not, and offer comprehensive design solutions when you're feeling stuck or uninspired.

It's important to remember that the better prepared you are from the start, the smoother our progress will be going forward, the more closely we'll adhere to our projected budget. With that in mind, we offer the following pre-meeting guidance:

  • Gather pictures of products and styles you like from magazines and the Internet. This helps put us on the same page quickly.

  • Complete one of questionnaires forms below to get your project started. Here you'll indicate your lifestyle preferences and answer questions about what you like, or don't, about your current space. We find this immensely valuable.

  • Seek input from family members. What do they prefer? And don't forget the kids – or perhaps you don't remember what it's like to live at counter top height?

  • Know your budget. When you know how much you have to invest, we can guide you toward products that allow you to stay on-budget. For assistance, you can visit our pricing guide.


Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions so that we may better cater our design to your needs. Prior to your design consultation, please complete and submit this form.